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2016 PIA – the Gathering

We are proud and very excited to be part of this years PIA – The Gathering! We have heard such great things about this event and can’t wait to attend!

For anyone who does not know about this event and you are part of the paranormal community, please see below for more information…

See you all there!

Here is more information about it:

The Paranormal Information Association (PIA) started from the idea that cooperation, networking, communication and unity within the paranormal investigative community was needed. Since the first Florida Ghost Gathering (PIA) was held in 2006 paranormal investigative groups throughout Florida have started to network, communicate and cooperate together.

The Paranormal Information Association (PIA) prides itself on the concept that sharing research, knowledge, studies, experiments along with networking, team communication and team cooperation will help to further the truth of the paranormal experiences so often shared by people from all over the world.

Paranormal Information Association