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Interested in being part of the P.E.R.S. team? Please fill out our application and we will be in touch with you soon.... I understand it is a long detailed form, we are very serious about what we do, so everything MUST be filled out in order to be considered for membership.
  • (Preferably a ID style Shot - full body or From Shoulders Up)
  • P.E.R.S. does not discriminate against any religion, religious beliefs or non-believers. It is important that P.E.R.S. members have an understanding of various religious beliefs in order to properly assist our clients.
  • (Photography, Psychology, Research, Audio/Video, Computer Skills, Etc.)
  • (This is just an estimated amount, you will not be held to it)
  • (This will not influence your membership, but will be taken into consideration when assigning team positions.)
  • (i.e. Resume, Photos, Etc...)
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  • (Being a members of P.E.R.S. does not guarantee that you will be selected for these special events)
  • (1) 21 Years Or Older
    (2) No Criminal Background
    (3) No History Of Mental Illness
    (4) Have A Job Or Steady Source Of Income
    (5) Not On Any Medication That May Cause Hallucinations Or Impair Judgement
    (6) Not Treated For Manic Depression, Schizophrenia, Hallucinations, Personality Disorders, Alcoholism, Drug Addictions, Or Treated For Any Other Medical Condition That May Endanger Yourself Or Other Team Members.
    (7) Must Be Honest
    (8) Use Of Dark Energy, Invocation Spells, Or Any Other Form Of Magick That Has Not Been Approved By P.E.R.S. Is Strictly prohibited.
  • I understand And Agree To The Following:

    I Understand That Failure To Disclose, Omit, Or Provide False Information In This Application May Result In Membership Denial Or Termination From P.E.R.S.

    I Understand That P.E.R.S. Reserves The Right To Terminate Any Volunteer Who Interferes With An Investigation Or The Operation Of P.E.R.S., With All Such Determination Being Made By The Controlling Officers Of P.E.R.S. We Reserve The Right To Make Such Determinations Subjectively And Without Expressing Specific Cause.

    Individuals Desiring To Participate In The Paranormal Existence Research Society (P.E.R.S.) Do So Of Their Own Free Will And At Their Own Risk.

    I Understand That I Will Be Subject To An Interview Prior To Being Accepted As A Member Of P.E.R.S.

    I Understand That I Will Be Subject To A Background Check.

    I Understand That I Will Be Subject To A Probationary Period.

    I Certify And Will Provide Proof That I Am At Least 21 Years OF Age.

    I Understand That Paranormal Research, Excursions, Assessments, Investigations, Hunts, Etc.. (Herein Referred to As Events) May Occur under Conditions Of Total Darkness And Which Can Be A Psychologically-Charged Activity Causing Anxiety Or Other Uncomfortable Conditions. I Hereby Certify That I Am Physically Capable Of Participating In Such Paranormal Research Activities And That I Am Aware Of No Physical And/Or Medical Conditions that Would Put Others Or Me At Risk Under Such Conditions. I Agree To Immediately Notify A Member Of The P.E.R.S. Board, in Writing, If I Should Develop Any Illness And/Or Condition that Could Have An Effect upon My Participation. I Further Certify That I Will Take Any And All Precautions, including Removing Myself From Such Activity, Should I Find Myself Incapable Of Safely Participating. I Assume Full Responsibility For My Own Welfare and Safety While Participating In Same.

  • I Certify That All InformationI Have Provided Herein To Be True And Understand That If False information Is Provided, Or Information Is Ommiited My Membership Will Be Denied Or Terminated.

  • By Entering Your Name & Date Below And Checking "I Agree", You Agree To All terms And Conditions Of This Application And Your Name Signifies An Electronic Signature.

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