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Investigation Information

The following describes the approach that is used by P.E.R.S. Investigators when responding to requests for paranormal investigations. The following method has been developed by P.E.R.S. based on proven scientific and quantitative research methods to establish a high degree of accuracy and authenticity. Our methods are always under constant review and are always improved upon as more is learned about the Paranormal Field.

We explain this information of our methods to help you understand our approach to paranormal investigation and to be aware of what P.E.R.S. does, how we do it, and what we will request of you before, during, and after the investigation. Please note this is not a full comprehensive list as each investigation is very unique and additional steps, documentation, meetings etc. may be required on a case-by-case basis. Subject to change without notice.

We understand your privacy and in all situations the information you provide to us and any information we find from our investigation, is kept strictly confidential and will only be shared with others outside of the P.E.R.S. family upon your approval.

We will always be very respectfyl of your property. Everyone on the P.E.R.S. team assumes their own liability and will be responsible for any damages. We pride ourselves in making sure we leave your home/business in the exact same way that we found it.

We are a non-profit volunteer organization. This simply means that all members of P.E.R.S. do all investigations at their own expense, without getting paid for their services. All of our team members have full time jobs, families, and other commitments. This means that every case we work, all of our research and evidence review had to be done by working around personal schedules and finances. So reviewing evidence can take a little bit of time since we are very professional and like to be 100% sure of all evidence presented to you. We also will never charge you for any investigations, donations are greatly appreciated but never expected or required.


Part 1: The Initial Interview
If P.E.R.S. decides to accept your request for an investigation the first part is to perform an initial interview with you and any other persons involved (such as other family members, whether or not they too have experienced the paranormal activity). We feel the interview is always best conducted at the location to be investigated. A small P.E.R.S. team consisting of a Lead Investigator, Case Manager, a Technical Specialist and possibly other members will be part of this initial interview.

If you have any documentation of paranormal activities (pictures, sound or video recordings, physical evidence etc) please have them available for us to review. We may ask to take the documentation with us to review in order to help determine what activity could be taking place and to help plan for the investigation. Please have copies available if possible.

Part 2: The Review
After our initial interview, the information we have gathered will be reviewed. If the we determine a full paranormal investigation is warranted we will then contact you again to arrange a time for the investigation that is convenient for both of us. P.E.R.S. always reserves the right to decline, cancel or abort an investigation at any time for any reason.

While we know that things in life can come up unexpectedly, please make every effort to keep the investigation appointment. In agreeing to perform an investigation P.E.R.S. has to schedule personnel and equipment that can be difficult to reschedule. If something does come up and you have to cancel or reschedule please do so as soon as possible.


Part 3: The Investigation
Most of the time our paranormal investigations will be performed at night and in a *lights out condition. P.E.R.S. will bring our own equipment including cameras, video and audio recorders, electronic sensors, and lighting. When our investigation team arrives we will briefly review the area, inquire if anything new has occurred or changes since our last discussion with you, then assemble our equipment. This may include running wires for video and audio throughout the location, setting up cameras and records at various spots, and placing sensors in the area.

The investigation itself will usually run several hours depending on the size of the location, the times and places activity has been reports (for example, if events seem to occur mainly from midnight to 3am that would be the primary period of interest for us to be investigating), and other factors. During the investigation we prefer that no one except the P.E.R.S. team remain at the location, the reason for this is people moving around can cause sound and other disturbances that can adversely effect our equipment or possibly cause false readings to be recorded. If you do not feel comfortable with this, then we ask that a minimum number of people be at the location and remain quiet in one single spot. . Also, we ask to remove any free-roaming pets (e.g. dogs, cats etc), if you cannot then please confine them to a single place during the investigation.

When we are completely finished with the investigation P.E.R.S. will dismantle our equipment and depart as quietly as possible.

Part 4: Evidence Review and Analysis
The members of P.E.R.S. will fully review and analyze the evidence we have gathered during the interview and investigation. This process can take anywhere from several days to several weeks or more depending on the quantity of evidence we have collected and our case load & schedule.

During the review and analysis we may contact you with additional questions or for clarification on a specific finding.

Part 5: Reporting our Findings
Once we have concluded our review and analysis P.E.R.S. will contact you to arrange a time to meet where the results of the investigation can be presented. Any photographs, video, audio, sensor readings and personal experiences gathered during the investigation that may show paranormal activity will be presented to you. A written report with our findings and conclusions will also be provided to you, along with any additional recommendations.

After we have concluded our investigation and presented the evidence we collected, if you have any further questions or would like a follow up investigation P.E.R.S. will be happy to provide assistance as our schedule permits.